Manus Boyle was one of the passengers on the Royal Charter

(see this letter about finding Manus Boyle)


You website is just amazing. (See the article on Royal Charter)

I wonder if you can help me. My wife's great great grandfather, Manus Boyle, was one of the passangers on the Royal Charter. He drowned with it.

We know it from some family stories and at least one mention in an old letter. However, where can I see a list of the passangers and a list of the victims? What ever help and guidance you'll give me will be greatly appreciated.

Josh Buch


Thank you for your kind words, of the 498 passengers and crew in Royal Charter, only 39
That list is on the attached page, and many of the victims were not able to be identified, and were buried without knowing their names.

All of the outward bound voyages to Australia can be traced, and a list of their passengers is available. But on her last voyage from Australia to Liverpool, the one where she was wrecked, I have as yet not been able to unearth her passenger list, but I have not given up the search. If I can find it, it will be passed on to you.

Mac Gregory.


Hello to Gregory, 15 January, 2004
How are you?  Happy New Year.
So I did not bother you for a while.  I just spent several hours reading as much as possible on your amazing website.  Yes, it is truly amazing.  You assembled a wonderful collection of articles and information on a most interesting subject.  I also read your own biography, fascinating life.  I must tell you that I am especially impressed by your mastering the computer and the incredible amount of research available on your site.  Most people your age do very little creative work and you keep on learning and producing, amazing.  This will definitely keep you young, wonderful!!!
As I might have told you I am a university professor. During the midsemester break I was very busy preparing for the Spring semester. Now that we started school again I have time again to search for Manus Boyle. I booked our trip and also the B&B at Moelfre (Anglesey).   I am also trying to arrange for a grave marker for Manus Boyle (or something similar) to be put  in the cemetery of the St. Gallos Church.  I am not sure yet as to how to do that but I am trying.    You were there, any suggestions? I am very frustrated with the search for Manus Boyle.  Would you have any ideas as to how I can proceed?  Somewhere there must be a list of the passengers who drowned with the Royal Charter.  The way I found out that he was on the Royal Charter is  as follows:  I did a root research of my wife's Irish ancestry and found an amazing hand written letter from 1917.  The letter was written by my wife's great great grandmother.  Here is a portion of that letter: 

"My maiden name was Alice Monaghan.  I came from Ireland to America with my mother Mrs. Ann Monaghan, my brothers John and Eugene, and sister Elizabeth.  We arrived in Jeanesville, January 1,  1853.  I was married to Manus Boyle, a coal miner, in November 1853, and lived with my husband Manus Boyle in Leviston, Carbon County, Pennsylvania.  On March 4, 1855 my daughter Mary Boyle, who is now Mrs. Mary Fay, was born in this dwelling house, and on December 24, 1856, my daughter Annie Boyle, who is now Mrs. Martin Blanchfield, was born in this dwelling house. My husband Manus Boyle went to Australia in September 1856 and in the Autumn season of 1859 when my husband was returning from Australia in the sailing vessel Royal Charter, the vessel was wrecked near the coast of Wales and my husband, Manus Boyle was drowned "

This is the source of our knowledge about Manus Boyle.  His wife must have been notified of the disaster hence there must be some source, a list etc somewhere??????

I am also disappointed  for not being able to locate any list of interested descendents of the victims, but I might have missed something in my search. So, whatever advice you can give me, many thanks.  I know you are a very busy creative guy and I promise you not to bother you any more.

Many thanks and again, a very productive Happy New Year

Josh Buch


The reply from Anne in the Archives at Anglesey. I have copied you on my next question to her. Perhaps Manus was listed as Maurice, & that is why we could not find him.


Dear Anne,

I am researching the loss of the Royal Charter on rocks off Moelfre in  October 1859 when all but 39 of her passengers and crew perished. In particular I am seeking a list of those who drowned, and my specific interest is on Manus Boyle. I would be most grateful to learn if your Archives holdings have any specific information in this regard.

With best wishes from Australia, and thanks for any help you may be able to offer.

Mackenzie Gregory.

The only information I can find is that Maurice Boyle is listed as a passenger who died.



This is very very very exciting, it must be our Manus. I just sent you and Anne a note about it.

A while ago while I was searching for Manus Boyle I did find out that several Manus Boyles were also called Maurice, so this is very possible. I dare to assume that  since Manus is a very Irish name he  might have introduced himself as Maurice.  His wife, however, always called him by the name she really knew him, Manus.

So one thing is very clear now, the archive in Anglesey does have some kind of a list.  This is the first and only list of the victims I managed to find as of now. I am trying to get in touch with the author of The Golden wreck, Alexander McKee.   I hope he is still with us.

I found out from a distant family relative that Alexander McKee contacted the family here in the US while he was writing the book.  It means that he had the name Manus (Maurice) Boyle, and better yet, he had information about his family and managed to contact them 100 years after the disaster.

So, I am trying to trace Mr. McKee through the publisher of the book.  This might prove to be a waste of time, but I am trying.

Many thanks,
Take care


Attached is a site for Shipping arrivals Australia, click on the continue link, then on the next page go to arrivals. I think I have already searched for Manus without any success.

In those days the main ports for departing ships to UK were Sydney and Melbourne. The Royal Charter sailed from Melbourne in 1859.

Best regards,



Here is a book in the Library of Congress: How to Find Shipping and Immigration Records in Australia. Nunn, Cora, 4th.Edition. Pearce. ACT. 1999 The Call No is: CS2003N86 1999


Hello -

I discovered your site while browsing to find out if there is a list of passengers who were on the wreck of the Royal Charter in October 1859.  If you know where such a list is available, I would appreciate having the information.




I have spent an incredible amount of time on the net trying to find a passenger list for the last voyage made by the Royal Charter, but all to no avail.

I have just established via an Archives located at Anglesey in Wales, that a passenger Manus ( or Maurice ) Boyle was one of those drowned on that fateful night she was wrecked off Moelfre Bay. But I am unable to furnish a passenger list for you, there must be such a list in existence, but all my persistence has yet to unearth it.

However, should your efforts be rewarded, I would be grateful to have a copy of a passenger list.

Best regards,


March 2004

Hello Josh,

I I may have found Manus on a passenger list of the Royal Charter, via a gentleman in New Zealand, who just calls himself Bill.

He contacted me a few days ago saying he had a Passenger list of the ship some 20 years old which had emanated from a friend in Melbourne, for whom he had done a good turn that long ago.

The list is faded and hard to read , but I think on page 2 an entry under Boyle, listed as 26 years old and under occupation it reads Miner, must be our man.

Bill is tied up with a family wedding until next week, but will print out page 2 and mail it to me.

His interest in the Royal Charter stems from his father giving him his father's story of how the family should have been rich, but for the wrecking of the ship, back in 1859, a relative was named Milliken was on board.

So, we await further news.

I have had surgery on my left knee, a badly torn cartlidge, plus much arthritis, described by the surgeon as a very tired old knee, My response was What do you expect for an 82 year old much worked knee? It was thumped by a hockey ball back in 1952, that started the rot.

I am truly restricted, and it will be at least another two months of suffering, so he tells me.

Trust you are well,
All the best, will be back when there is something in writing for you.

Dear Mac,

You are truly amazing. Million thanks and much luck with your knee surgery.
I will really appreciate a copy of the list and possibly a hard copy since it might not come good via the scanner.

My home address is:
148 evergreen court
Blue Bell  PA  19422
Again, I am just amazed with you and your amazing energy and drive.


May, 2004


I am just home after spending two hours at the Public Record Office and Victorian Archives here in Melbourne. I have finally found the repositery for outward bound ship passenger lists in the 1800's

I needed to learn a new skill, ie. how to use a Microfishe machine that takes a roll of records on film and allows you to scan them, focus, and then when you find the right frame, print out as a hard copy the record. I had to find the roll of film for outgoing ships from Melbourne during July-December 1859. put it in the machine, and roll it forward until I came across wait for it, at last, the ROYAL CHARTER under Captain Thomas Taylor, this 2,100 ton vessel bound for Liverpool, Taylor certified :

That the Provisions actually laden on board this Ship are sufficient, according to the requirements of the Passenger's Act for -- Statute Adults, for a voyage of ---- days. Date: 24th. August 1859.  Signature Tho. Taylor. Master.

The number of passengers and the length of the voyage were left blank.

Then follows the name and Descriptions of Passengers. Under these headings:

Port of Embarkation. Names of Passengers. Age of each Adult of 12 years and upwards.  Children between 1 and 12 years.  Infants. Married.  Male. Female.  Profession, Occupation, or Calling of               State whether English, Scotch, or Irish. Port at which Passengers have contracted to land. Passenger.     E.  I.  S.  F.

On page two of this list at the 4th. line appears M. Boyle. Single Aged 26. Miner. and an entry under English. ( they appear to have that wrong as he was Irish.)

Josh, all the agony and hard work over a very long time have at last paid the dividend we wanted, I will air mail your hard copy of these two A3 pages tomorrow.

All the best.

Dear Mac,
I just do not know what to say.  You are just an amazing, kind, and most interesting person.
I am very familiar with these micofish machines.  This is the way we used to do research.  All the old journals and other related literature was kept in the library on microfish. Yes, compare to "GOOGLE, it was like being in the stone age.

Also, I received a permission from the Minister of the Church in Molfre to put a grave marker for Manus Maurice Boyle near the monument for the victims of the Royal Charter. He is really very helpful. he also contacted a stone mason  who will do it for me, great.
So all of us together keep the memory of poor Manus alive.
I am really looking forward to receive the copy from you.
Million thanks,
Yes, you are just amazing.

June, 2004


I have today airmailed to your home address the Shipping Lists for the Royal Charter.  Please let me know when you get them.

My 18 year old Grand Daughter Amelia tells me your surname in German means book, her Dad is German. She asks me if you have any German in your background, nosy people Grand Daughters.

Enjoy your upcoming visit to Anglesey and Moelfre, I always did relish that area of the world in the several times I have visited there over 60 years. We have just booked to fly to Vienna thence to Milan in September, go on two separate 7 day cruises in the Mediterranean, the first in a new ship to launch next month the Opera, go overland Genoa/Venice. Take the second 7 day cruise in the Lirica, returning to Venice for a night, then fly to Vienna, train to Budapest for three days, train back to Vienna and fly home. All up away just over three weeks, this is probably my last hurrah with any world travel.

We will still plan to get around our own large continent, and maybe back to New Zealand once more.

Best wishes.

Dear Mac,
Great news, just after I received your amazing list, I also received a printed list from the Minister of the Church in Molefre.  His list is from a published book that must have been printed right after the disaster (I will try to obtain it somehow).

The list is based on mail that they received in Molefre from Australia after the disaster. In other words, they must have received the list of passengers and printed it. Near the names they marked if the person was identified prior to burial.

Unfortunatly most of them were not identified. Maurice Boyle is one of those with no identification. In other words, they knew that he perished with the Royal Charter from the list they received from Australia but could not have identified his body. They do describe many of the bodies with some minimum information such as hight, possible age or special marks on the body.
I will make a copy and send it to you.
By the way, it seems that Australian newspapers published list of the passengers etc once the news of the disaster reach Australia. If you feel like it, please look for newspaper articles from that time.
Also, please tell your daughter that my last name BUCH is obviously German.  However I a Jewish and managed to trace the Buch name about 200 years back to Eastern Europe. Also tell her that I did a very serious family roots research and I can trace ancestors to Rotenburg Germany , 12th century, Hamburg and Altuna , 15 and 16th century and many many more.

Also tell her (did I ever tell you this story), that my older daughter Nomi Eve published a very succesful first novel about 4 years ago. The title in English was The Family Orchard  by Nomi Eve. The book was translated to numerous languages and its German Title is Das Buch Der Liebe (The Book of Love). The book is a fiction based on the history of seven generations of my family. In it my daughter is quoting my family research and than add stories about the various generaions.  Some of her stories are correct and some are fictions or a mixture of both.
Well, thats all for now.
Many thanks for all you help and interest
Take care.


10 August 2004
Hi Mac,
How are you?  are you back from your European trip?  How was it? Well, we are leaving next week to Ireland and will be in Anglesey on August 22-24. With the help of the Canon of the Church in Moelfre a stone  was prepared and we will place it near the monument for the Royal Charter victims.
The stone inscription is:

Manus Maurice Boyle.


An unidentified victim of Royal Charter.

Placed by the Fay Family
Hazleton PA.

Canon Graham who help me so much is the nicest person.  He is truly amazing.  He asked that I will bring several copies of the passengers lists.  I copied the pages you sent me. As you recall, they are not that clear. However, you also sent me an enlarged version of the first two pages. how did you do it?  Did you enlarge it directlly from the microfish machine?

I would like very much to have the complete list that clear so I can give it to Canon Loveluck.  I am sure that he would like to have all the names listed somewhere. Possibly on the Church's website.
Also, you will be able to list them too on your site. I will be delighted to cover all the expenses for these large size copies of the list.  I just hope that you can do it.

I will keep you posted about our trip and our experience in Moelfre and will send you pictures etc.  You are a major player in this event.

Many thanks

Nice to hear from you and thank you for your airmailed letter. Enjoy your visit to Wales.

I enlarged the 2 pages I sent from the microfish machine, and photocopied them at the National Archives. To do the whole passenger will take a long time, that I do not have right now, but in due course, I will try to do that for you, so you can sent them to the Church Canon eventually, and we can add the whole list to AHOY.
Best wishes, 

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