Manus Boyle from the Royal Charter found

(see "The Golden Shipwreck. Steam Clipper Royal Charter comes to grief and the search for Manus Boyle)

Hi my name is Bill and I came upon the letters posted on your site when I searched on the Royal Charter.
I noticed that folks were looking for a list of the passengers and advise that I obtained what I understand to be a copy of that list from a friend who sourced it from somewhere in Melbourne about 20 years ago.
My copy is very poor quality but shows the date of August 24 1859 as departure date. All entries are in handwriting but it is so poor that many are illegible. It looks like a Thomas Taylor is listed as the master.
Would you like me to scan a page and send it to you ?


Thank you for your message, the passenger I am seeking is Manus or Maurice Boyle.

If you could find him on your lists, or if the address is available for the list source, I would be most grateful to have that information. Failing that, yes please, a copy of a page could be useful.

I have searched high and low for this list without result, it is on behalf of a Professor of Finance in America, that I have been looking for Manus, who was a relative on his wife's side.

I could not believe that I was not able to unearth this passenger list when the ship had foundered in such tragic circumstances. What is your interest in the Royal Charter Bill?

Again my thanks for taking the trouble to mail me.

Best regards,
Mac. Gregory.


I have scanned 2 pages and can send them to you but first seek your ok?. I havent compressed them too much but the combined size of the attachment would still be just over 1 megabyte. Do you have a cap on attachments imposed by your ISP ? and would it be ok to send ?.
I think I can see the person you seek on page 2 of the data I have and if correct he is listed as a Male aged 26. There is not any other information of value and  I have clipped the line form the page and inserted it below , does that age fit ? as there are a lot of names that are unable to be deciphered.
At this point I cannot tell you where the pages were sourced other than in Melboune. A friend moved to Aus and I agreed to finalise some business over here for them and in return asked if they could seek out this passenger list and mail it to me. I have lost contact with them but dare say if I made an effort I could track them down. Was over 20 years ago and they have shifted.
My own interest in the list was to see if I could make sense of a comment my father used to make. which was in turn passed to him by his father and some Aunts. " If it hadnt been for the sinking of the Royal Charter we would have been a wealthy family"  So I thought if I had a copy of that list hopefully I could one day get the impetus to check it out further. I now have a gut feel that we are related to a Milliken who I can see was a passenger as my Great Grandfather arrived here in 1880 and his wife was a milliken but we havent as yet been able to verify that data.
If you want a copy of all the pages, I would be happy to scan them all and put them on a CD and post it to you. But I need a month or so as we are tied up for a few weeks with a family wedding.
Thanks for Replying


I think the age for Manus Boyle is right but would need to check in the US with Josh.

I am indeed grateful for all your assistance, perhaps the page 2 that we think contains his name could be printed out, and could you send it by snail mail please? My addesss is: M.J.Gregory, Parklake Towers 301/598 St Kilda Road Melbourne Victoria 3004, Australia.

Do the headings to each column appear on each page or only on page 1 ?

If the latter could you please include these headings?

Please do not go to the trouble of scanning or making a list of all passengers on a CD.

Once more your help is wonderful, I am always delighted to solve a question after much research to no avail, and enjoy the friendshgip of the internet.

My professor in America will be beside himself.

Best wishes,



I will be in touch again next week..........am tied up with a family wedding until Monday so bear with me. The headings are on each page.....the last column is occupation and it looks like he lists as a Miner


Thank you, we have certainly found Manus/Maurice Boyle, yes, he was a miner.

I will wait for the page when you get time, meanwhile I trust the family wedding goes off beautifully.


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