WW1 Hospital Ship, "Devanka" actual spelling is "DEVANHA"


I am deeply browsing everywhere for history on Uncle's exploits as a UK mariner in both WW1 and 2. Now he's gone it's got a lot harder, but the family deserve to know the ins and outs.

Anyway, I came across Mr Coffey's letter of 20 May 2005 on your site ("Looking for a WW1 Hospital Ship, Devanka" ), 'cos somewhere in a search it suggested that you have reference to a hospital ship SOUDAN from WW1. The ship he was after I had just seen in a previous page, he may not have found anything about it because it has a slightly different spelling than your or his version. It may already be known but I thought I would try to help - it is DEVANHA and there are several articles about it. One of them is in http://www.awm.gov.au/dawn/boat/index.asp if you think it worthy of passing this on.

Best wishes,you have an interesting site which I have made a note of and will return to later.


Thank you for your thoughfulness in passing on that information, also for your kind words about AHOY.

It is an amalgam of my research and scribblings, and then my web master Terry Kearns in Atlanta Georgia making a silk purse from a Sow's Ear, to put up our site of AHOY to face the internet and anyone who chances to find it and then log on.

Without Terry I would be at a total loss, and my work would not see the light of day.

Your feed back and help are much appreciated.

Best regards,

Last May you inquired about a Hospital Ship, Devenah, the following message from Terry may throw some new light on it.
Here is a site mentioning a Hospital ship named Devanha, which may help your search.
I have thanked Terry for his interest and help.
Best wishes, 
Mac. Gregory.


Desmond Coffey


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