Photos etc. about this voyage of the Mopelia

July 24, 2009
Subject: von Luckner again

Dear Mac ! Would you please make a contact with Margaret Thomas Buchholz - New Jersey USA - she had a question in Feb.15 2009 about her mother/Lowell Thomas/Luckner/Mopelia 1929 and asked-who owns Luckners
archive ? I think -we do. We have a lot of photos etc. about this voyage of the Mopelia.

Maybe we can help.

Best regards from our summer trip on the Baltic Sea

Michael Buschow anchors-away@gmx.de 

Dear Margaret,

In response to your question last February about the von Luckner archives, here is an email from Michael Buschow.

I suggest you contact him at:

Best wishes,

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