Lowell Thomas and friends and workers went on a Caribbean cruise with von Luckner in 1929

February 15, 2009

Hello: Just googled Luckner and found your site. My mother worked for Lowell Thomas from 1926 until 1932 and interviewed Luckner for both the books LT wrote. I am currently editing her diaries and there is one long episode where Thomas and some of his friends and workers went on a Caribbean cruise with Luckner, 1929, at the time he changed the name of the boat from Vaterland to Mopelia. Does anyone know where the Count's archives are? I am hoping to find the log of that trip.

Always hopeful.

Thank you.
Margaret Thomas Buchholz
New Jersey USA


See the von Luckner Society at Halle.

The Count Felix von Luckner Society

On 29 March 2004 the society "Felix Graf von Luckner Gesellschaft e. V." was founded in Halle, with the objective of commemorating Luckner's life and work, especially his role in safeguarding the city of Halle during April 1945. The Society also wishes to create a memorial and museum for Luckner in Halle, and to restore Luckners' yacht, Seeteufel, which is currently in a poor condition in Russia. Within a few months of its' creation, the Society had over 100 members in 14 countries.

Here is its URL: http://luckner-society.com/

I suggest you start your quest for the log you want there.

Best regards,


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