Patrick C Ryan ex RN 221024, who was a survivor from HMS Culver when it sank in Jan/42

October 01, 2010

Dear Mac

My name is Vince Ryan from Canada, in the province of Newfoundland & Labrador. I am the eldest of four children and my father is Patrick C Ryan ex RN 221024, who was a survivor from HMS Culver when it sank in
Jan/42. He too, like your Dad was a telegraphist. A family relative forwarded me information on the sinking when he found AHOY-MAC'S WEB LOG while he was doing a search on WW1. I can't say how thrilled I was when I received the story.....history truly coming alive!!! Right in our face!!!

In the first photo My Dad is second from the left in row two; he is third from the left in the second row in the next photo. He was 21 years of age at the time, & he passed away 24 years ago after 10 years of retirement from the gov't of Canada where he had a career in telecommunications after the war. 

I would like to share more info with you, but first I hope this email reaches you.

Vince Ryan


Thank you for that, I am pleased AHOY was able to help you with the story including your Dad, in HMS Culver.

I am afraid my Father was a Chief Steward, and not a telegraphist, don't kinow where that emanated from.

Best regards,


Many thanks for getting back to me so promptly. Guess I goofed; I assumed I was contacting Mick Costick who had submitted the story of his father Walter to AHOY . Walter was head telegraphist on the Culver when she was lost that dreadful night in Jan/42. Sorry.... In the meantime,  you say your Dad was a Chief Steward, was he on the CULVER?

Would you have an email address for Mick Costick? If so I would greatly appreciate recieving it.

This is a great project you have on the go. Continued good luck with it.



Thanks for your response and your kind words about AHOY.

A joint effort with Terry Kearns, my Atlanta Georgia Web Master.

I do the writing and research and Terry gets it all up on the web for all to view and read about different articles if they so desire.

Regret I do not have an E-Mail address for Mick.

No, my Dad was not in HMS Culver, in WW1 he was in the Second Dragoon Guards Queen's Bays, fought in Belgium and France on a horse, and was one of the Kaiser's Old Contemptables. The Royal Navy presented the Royal Australian navy with the 6 J Class Submarines from WW1, and recruited in UK for the RAN.

Dad joined the RAN in London in 1919, and came out to Australia aboard J2, towed all the way by HMAS Platytpus. He served until 1945, then joined the High Court of Australia on the staff of the Chief Justice, Sir Owen Dixon, and went with him to India for the United Natrions and the partition of India/Pakistan.

Served the Crown for fifty continuous years and was awarded a BEM accordingly.

Great to hear from you.


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