Walter Costick was one of 13 survivors of  HMS Culver

July 13, 2009

Hi Mac

My father Walter Costick was one of 13 survivors. He died 10 years ago. I have his memoirs on this sinking
if you would like them also a photo of the men when they were picked up, 

Regards John Costick


I would be grateful for any detail on the sinking of HMS Culver, that we could add to AHOY thank you.


July 25, 2009


Sorry I have taken so long to get back with HMS Culver Information.

My Father was Walter Costick always known as Mick Costick. He died about 12 years ago but had a wonderful life with his wife Maisie who is 88 years old and they had four children me being the youngest son.

My father was from Eastleigh nr Southampton and he settled in Southampton for the rest of his life leaving the Navy in about 1950 and working for the Ford Motor Company until he retired in 1980.

He joined the Royal Navy as a 14year old boy going to Navy school at st Vincent near Portsmouth.

Years after the sinking of the Culver my father put a letter into the Royal Navy News paper about the Culver
sinking and was contacted buy a Commander Patterson who was the commander of the Londonderry which saved my father & his Pals that Night. He did say that they were not supposed to stop in the convoy and should really of keep steaming ahead but Lucky for the 13 survivor's he did.

Commander Patterson lived in the Lake district Cumbria and his passion was the narrow steamer boats. My Father
became good friends and had a couple of vacation's at Commander Patterson's home and they would steam around the Lakes together.

Please find attached all the information.

My father is Back row 5 from left in photo

Kind Regards

John Costick

November 7, 2009

I am sorry for my late response and thank you for that detail about your Dad, your mail was lost on my computer, and I have just tracked it down.

First hand accounts of incidents in the Battle of the Atlantic are precious as the participants grow older and
fewer are still around to tell the tales for posterity.

Best regards,

Details of John's father who was sunk in HMS Culver and was one of but 13 survivors.

HMS Culver (Y 87)
Sloop of the Banff class
      Navy The Royal Navy
      Type Sloop
      Class Banff
      Pennant Y 87
      Built by Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp. (Quincy,
Massachusetts, U.S.A.)
      Laid down 20 Jun 1928
      Launched 27 Nov 1928
      Commissioned 30 Apr 1941
      Lost 31 Jan 1942
      Loss position 48.43N, 20.14W (See a map)

      History At 23.31 hours on 31 January 1942, U-125
fired a salvo of four torpedoes at the convoy SL-98
and observed two hits and a large explosion.. Schuch
thought that he had hit an ammunition freighter, but
in fact it was HMS Culver (Lt.Cdr.Randal Thomas
Gordon-Duff, RN) that had blown up in position
48º43'N, 20º14'W with the loss of the commanding
officer, seven officers and 118 ratings.

      Commanding Officers:
      Lt.Cdr. Randal Thomas Gordon-Duff, RN
      April 1941 - 31 January 1942+

      Hit by U-boat
      Sunk on 31 Jan 1942 by U-105 (Schuch).

      Former name USCG Mendota


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