My father's aunts perished on Athenia

(See "SS Athenia, First Casualty of the U-Boat War on the 3rd. of September 1939" and search for "Athenia" to find more articles.)

HI Mac,
My name is Paul Murney. I have just read Joan Perkin's e-mail regarding the SS Athenia as I am trying to research my ancestory. I knew from my mother that one of my father's aunts perished on this voyage but did not know for certain either her christian name or her married name.
I knew that it could be one of five sisters and so by trying to match them with Joan's list of those who died - I believe that I have found her. To verify the fact, I searched through marriage records on the internet and found that she married a Benjamin Goddard in 1905 - which leaves me to believe that my great aunt is indeed Martha Goddard (nee Murney). Not only that but I am probably one of Joan's long lost relatives.
I would be greatful if you could forward this e-mail to Joan, then I can perhaps enlighten her with the information that I have found so far - and discover if she comes from the Murney or the Goddard sideof the family.
Great website - congratulations !!!
Kind Regards
Paul Murney

I apologise for not writing earlier.
I get a great deal of mail, and now and then cull my address book, I regret I do not still have Joan Perkin's address, and I have been trying to track her down by phone to pass on you message, although I have called 4 Perkins in the Melbourne suburb where I understand she resides, I have not found her, she may run a non listed number.

So, we will post your letter on our Athenia site, and hope Joan may revisit and get in touch with me by E-Mail, if that happens, I will naturally ask her to contact you Paul.

Thank you for your interest, and kind words about AHOY, which is certainly a joint effort from my Web Master Terry Kearns in Atlanta Georgia, who performs miracles with all my scrawlins and research to put up our face to those on the internet who choose to log on.

Best wishes, 

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