Martha Goddard died on the Athenia in Sept 1939

(See "SS Athenia, First Casualty of the U-Boat War on the 3rd. of September 1939" and search for "Athenia" to find more articles.)

Hi there!!

Just came across your wonderful site. My great aunt died on the Athenia in Sept 1939. Although this was before my time, I  was told about the event on many occasions, as a child. I have gathered information over the years and have recently come across a site listing 64 passengers who died on that fateful day. My great aunt Martha Goddard is listed. I was able to obtain a certificate on the internet (free of charge) in memory of her.  Anyone whose relative is on this list can obtain same. Please do not hesitate to contact me for details.

Joan Perkins

Thank you for your message and your kind comments. Ahoy is a joint work with my Web Master Terry Kearns in Atlanta Georgia making sense about all my scribblings and research, we think we work well in tandem, but its nice to receive recognition from our readers.

We would love to have a copy please of your list of 64 passengers who died in the Athenia tragedy, and will publish it on our site. Over the past few years we have had a number of inquiries from people looking for a specific name of some who died.

Thanks again, and best wishes.

Here is a further PS to our Athenia story "SS Athenia, First Casualty of the U-Boat War on the 3rd. of September 1939"  


It is page 1 of 2, listing the 64 civilian deaths when Athenia was sunk on Day 1 of WW2.


I am grateful to Joan of Narre Warren of Victoria, Australia for providing it.


If one goes to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site at: www.cwgc.com puts in a name, initials, WW2, you are able to print out a Memorial Certificate for that entry.



SS Athenia, Civilian Casualties

SS Athenia, Civilian Casualties


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