Martha Goddard, Athenia

September 3, 2009

It being Sept 3 and 70 years on I found your site/article re Athena

Was amazed to see my relative mentioned as the great aunt (Martha Goddard)of Joan Perkins.

My name is Roger Murney and Martha Goddard would also be my great aunt.

My grandfathers sister , her maiden name was Murney before she married in Canada.

Joan wrote she wished to meet other relatives and I would be happy if you fwd this to her please.

Ironic that my granddad Thomas left his sister in Canada and returned home to fight in WW1.

Martha was visiting the wrong place at the right time  fate !!

My late father Thomas Murney spoke fondly of Her and remembered her scampering to liverpool from manchester to get home to Montreal.

I emigrated to Canada in 76 and move to florida in 2006 Yesterday I passed my USA citizenship test in Ft
lauderdale fl

Twist of fate is that 30 years ago today was Labour day and I as in the eye of a powerful hURRICANE DAVID as it it the BAHAMAS.

I was on holiday from Toronto.

It was a experience I have never forgot and now I live in Naples florida eagerly watching weather forecasts.

I spent 30 years in Canada and eventually spoke to Marthas son Wilfred Goddard sadly he passed soon after I found him , he loved the MURNEY name.

he spent the war in uk with canadian army and was in Manchester quite often.

Do you have any information re HMS GLOUCESTER  sank of crete please.

MY late and only brother Thomas Murney died in a car crash on crete in 2001 and his close friend Colin Jones of Leicester UK who was a survivor of the gloucester and ended up pow on crete.

They died within days of each other and were cremated in same location in england

Also by chance they had the same priest do the eulogy.

he was quite shaken by the connection with crete.

Sorry for the long diatribe but I have deep convictions that all events are connected.

hope to hear from you

thxs in anticipation
Roger Murney
Naples fl
239 963 6010

ps as I type in backgound have bbc 5 live on this time of day 1-45 am uk they have a show including lots of usa themes anyhow just finishing my letter to you when they start a 70 year reflection.

A guy comes on and tells story of his family attempting to get back to canada and yes of course they were on athenia also years ago in toronto met a brides grandad and he was a crewman on athenia.

connections ??


Some detail of the sinking of HMS Gloucester.


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