Jack Wells may have been on board the Tuscan Star when it was torpedoed


I have just seen your article on the Web regarding the sinking of the Tuscan Star. My Father, Jack Wells was in the Army, but spent most of the war at sea as part of the D.E.M.S. (Defensively Equipped Merchant Ship) operation and I believe that he was on board the Tuscan Star when it was torpedoed. I have some hand written notes made by him around that time, and some of the notes are written on the back of a map showing the way to the "Missions To Seamen" in Santos, Brazil. I do know that he was also in Buenos Aires around that time also, which seems to fit in with your account.

I wonder if you may be interested in more information, and I also wonder if you have more information also.

I have some photographs of the lifeboats being pick-up by another vessel.

After the war, my Father made a model of the Tuscan Star. I think that I was a bit too young to realize the significance of it. I do have a photograph of the model also.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Keith Wells,
Senior Electrical Designer


Thank you for your Mail, I would be grateful to have anything you have about Tuscan Star, so we might add it to AHOY.

Below are two letters from people who had relatives on board when she was sunk, other than those, I do not have any futher information about her.

 Aunt may have been aboard Tuscan Star

Father aboard the Tuscan Star when torpedoed

Best regards.


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