Father aboard the Tuscan Star when torpedoed

Dear Mr Gregory,

I read with interest your article on the sinking of the Tuscan Star. My father was on the ship when it was torpedoed. He did relate the story to me and I remember him recounting the parts that you mention. Some time  last year whilst working in Nigeria I struck up a conversion with a gentleman and it transpired that his father-in-law was also on the ship when it was torpedoed. Apparently his father-in-law was a on the ship as a gunner.

The world is indeed very small.

Best Wishes
Vinny Price

Hello Vinny,

My thanks for your message, I am continually suprised by thr number of people around the world that take the trouble to write about something that strikes a chord with them that I have written about on AHOY.

This site is a joint effort with my friend Terry in Atlanta Georgia, he runs the site and without his expertise and dedication it would not happen, I do all the content.

You are so right Vinny, the world at times is indeed a small place.

Best regards,
Mac. Gregory.

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