Is there an organization dedicated to von Luckner?

Dear Commander Gregory,

Like so many others who are interested in Graf Von Luckner I stumbled onto your page quite by accident. I would like to thank you for compiling all the information I never knew existed. I first learned about the Count when going through my Grandfathers library and I found the Lowell Thomas books. Is there an organization dedicated just to him or are we all just sort of hit and miss?  Thanks again and have a great new year.

Paul C. White
Dresden Maine. USA

Hello Paul,

Your kind message is appreciated, I am just amazed at the interest my work on Ahoy, about the Count has generated. I have always admired him as a character, and the way he captained his Seeadler in WW1. I am sure we will never see the likes of him again at sea.

Our site is a combined effort resulting from my friend and Web Master, Terry Kearns in Atlanta Georgia, being both skilled and patient enough to turn all my research and scribblings into the site that is on the Internet. We are both delighted to hear from people such as yourself, who take the time to write and say they have enjoyed some aspect of all this effort.

But back to Felix, in 1945 when the US troops were storming towards Berlin, the 104th. Infantry, known as the Timberwolves, reached Halle where von Luckner happened to live. The oncoming US troops met with the Count, and through his negotiations they did not flatten his city.

Today in Halle, Matthias Maurer is trying to find sponsors for a Luckner Memorial and a Count von Luckner Museum, in that city to remember his work back in 1945. Matthias is always pleased to hear from people interested in the Count to form a group around the world, there is no monetary consideration in joining this group, just the pressure and publicity such a society might bring to his endeavour. See this page to0 for more about the plans.

If this appeals to you, may I suggest you contact Matthias on his E-Mail address: mj.maurer@mlw-law.com

Again my thanks for your interest.

Mac. Gregory.

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