Info / pictures of the Gerusalemme taken by William John Fowler who served on the Hospital Ship Gerusalemme as 1st Electrician

See "HMHS Gerusalemme," "Parents as Jews escaped Hitler's germany in 1939 on the ship Geruselemme," "Trying to find info on the HMHS Gerusalemme"


I have some info/pictures of the Gerusalemme, my father was 1st electrician during the 45/46 era. How do I add bits to the various streams of conversation that are going on?



Thank you for that.

You can make a contribution via our Forum on AHOY at URL: http://www.fogbugz.tkwebservice.com/?ahoy or write to me via my E-Mail address listed below, I would love to have you photos and information about Gerusalemme please.

Then Terry, my Web Master in Atlanta Georgia will upload it at the appropriate place on our site.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Mackenzie Gregory.

Hi Mackenzie

I have attached some pics for you. I am trying to put some dates to the events as I do have a bit of narrative from my father but as with many of the things that are old, the facts don't always tie up and as I don't have him to ask anymore it is a bit like doing a jigsaw without a picture.


Sister Willoughby
Sister Willoughby, he always said she was the lead sister on board and was strict but very nice

scan0013, another nurse on board but no details

funnel of Gerusalemme
Funnel of Gerusalemme.
Not sure when as the colour doesn't seem to match any other pic,
but Dad took it so it must be between 45/46

This is a postcard pic. she is in her Italian days as a cruise ship.


scan0002, another postcard pic.


Prize giving, returning to Perth with familys from Stanley camp, a way to
keep the familys entertained, Dad never said much about this journey.


Leaving Durban, I like this one it was a favourite of Dad's,
he took it  from  a smaller boat he got a lift on.

Others to follow


a few more with notes.


POW on at Palambang, not sure of the correct spelling for this place,
Dad wrote on the back of many of the pics he took
but how accurate the words/when they were written, I don't know.


POW at Belawan, same goes for this one.


, Dad took this from the hills outside Hong Kong,
I also have a lot of pics of HK sights etc from the same trip.
I am trying to date this and put the others into some timescale/order.
Would you want any of HK from this era?


Ex internees. The notes on the back of this one say Ex internees of Stanley camp coming on board ship
but I can't tell if people are coming on board or leaving.


Dry Dock, from the notes, this would appear to be taken in May 1946, in Singapore.

A few more pics to come but I am trying to get some more data together.


Both Terry and I am delighted with all the pictures that your Dad took regarding the Hospital ship Gerusalemme. Could you please spell out his full name so we might properly acknowledge his photpgraphic skills on AHOY with his pictures?

As usual many thanks.


Hi Mac

His name was William John Fowler, he was either known as Will or Bill, most commonly Bill by his mates. He served on the Gerusalemme as 1st Electrician as part of the Union Castle Company crew, service records show joined ship 13 Feb 1945 Durban and left
on handover to Indian Navy in Madras 25th Oct 1946.

I am still trying to put together dates and other pics, I have about 75 from what I think is this time in his life...I have communicated with a Tony Lord who had entered some questions on Ahoy, he also served on the ship but as part of the RN contingent. This is proving quite usefull in working out some of the details.

I hope to put together a timeline with pictures in the end.


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