Hannah Baird Information/Sinking of the Athenia

July 14, 2012


I had contacted you earlier this year regarding information requested by another person writing about Hannah Baird, but more recently saw this letter published by Bill Thomson, who is related to me ... his grandfather, James Baird of Scotland, is my great grandfather.  The reason I found the information about Hannah Baird on the internet is because
I have been trying to find out where Grampy Baird is buried ... no one seems to know, and perhaps Bill could provide some information on it for us. (see "Mrs. Hannah Baird lost in Athenia sinking" Bill Thompson)

Could you kindly forward this message or ask him to contact me at at his convenience?  His mother and father, Maisie and Alec, and my grandparents, Grace and Bill Paterson, used to live in the same apartment building in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and I would often visit the Thomson apartment whenever we saw my grandparents.

Thank you very much for your assistance!
Ellen Paterson Keenan

July 18, 2012

I have sent off an email to Ellen and just await her response. It does appear that we are connected.

I am still trying to contact Floyd Williston who wanted information on the Athenia. I have traced him to Gimli Manitoba, Canada  and have a phone number there but can never get a response to my calls

Many Thanks for passing these messages along.

Would you by any chance have any info on a Lt. Surgeon Neil MacAlpine Baird who served in the RAN.The last I heard he was a MD in Perth Australia.

In the early 1950’s he served on the Bataan,Tobruk and the Anzac.

He is my cousin and any info you may have would be wonderful.


Thanks for that.

Surgeon Lieutenant Baird is not listed on the WW2roll.gov.au Which indicates he did not serve in WW2, and must have joined the RAN post WW2.

I could not turn up any details about his Naval service. 


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