Mrs. Hannah Baird lost in Athenia sinking

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From: D B Thomson
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Dear Mac

Reference is made in one of the letters to Miss Hannah "Bird" This is actually Mrs. Hannah Baird, my grandmother. She was returning to Canada as a stewardess after acting as a nanny to two children traveling from Canada, unescorted, to the UK.

She was in lifeboat 5a ( I believe that is the correct number) and lost her life when the lifeboat tragically slipped under the stern of the rescue ship Knute Nelson.

Also in the lifeboat was my grandmother's friend, stewardess Mary Macleod, who fortunately survived and later related her experience to us.

On page 15 of Judith Evelyn's report she makes reference to two "stewards" who were also in the life boat. Perhaps
that is the two stewardess' named above.

A September 1939 issue of the Montreal Star makes reference to Hannah Baird as being Canada's fist casualty
of the war.

I hope this is helpful.
Bill Thomson

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