Grave in Vernier with name of Felix Count Luckner Nikolaus Felix Count of Luckner

February 10, 2012

Dear Mr. Gregory,

Some weeks ago I sent You a message to a question of Mr. Steve Rowland, Massechusetts, USA about a grave in Vernier with name of Felix Count Luckner. (see "Where is the gravesite of Count Felix Graf Luckner?")

I did not receive an answer and so I ask again, did You receive the message?

Did You send my message to Mr. Rowland? If not, please give me his Mail address. Than I will send him the informations to the grave in Vernier.

Kindestly regards,
W. Fritzsche


I do not seem to have received your first message about a grave in VernierSwitzerland.

Grateful if you could sent it to me once more., and we will put it up on AHOY.

I do not have an E-Mail address for Steve Rowland.


Dear Mr. Gregory,

thank You for Your answer. At first I would tell You that my special field is the family history of the Counts of Luckner, particular the families, which former lived in little villages in the west of Dresden: in Pennrich the Sea Devil during his childhood and in Altfranken (about 3 km of Pennrich) the cousin of the Sea Devil.

The cousin lived in a castle (destroyed 1939/40 by the Nazis). His son had the same Christian name like the Sea Devil (Felix Nikolaus Georg):

 Nikolaus Felix Count of Luckner
 Dresden 3.4.1884 – 19.2.1957 Genf/Swizerland
       married 29.8.1918 in Genf with
 Andrea Eugenie Gallay from France
 Paris 3.2.1884 – 1977 Genf.

Both lived in Baden-Baden/Germany. In Genf they had a second residence. After the death they buried in Vernier/Genf.

Nikolaus Felix

In appendix You find two photos of the grave in Vernier, which had see Mr. Steve Rowland, and a photo of  Nikolaus Felix.

If You have questions, please give me a message.

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