Where is the gravesite of Count Felix Graf Luckner?

I have been vactioning in Geneva, Switzerland and last Sunday I went out for an extended hike along the river. On my way back from the hike, I came into the village of Vernier, Switzerland (located about 2 miles from the Geneva airport). There was a small cemetary on a bluff overlooking the valley, so I decided to take a walk through the cemetary and just read the headstones. Needless to say, I was surprised when I recognied the name on one of the headstones. It was that of Count Felix von Luckner and his wife, whom, I believe, died in 1974. I did not have a camera, so I didn't take a picture of the grave. And I don't read French, so I don't know exactly what it said, however, it definitely appeared to be the grave of both Count Luckner and his wife.

My initial question was why if he lived in Malmo, Sweden after the war, was he buried in Vernier, Switzerland (and perhaps for a while in Germany). From your web site, it shows his grave in Germany, but was his wife buried there as well? Perhaps his wife was from Vernier, Switzerland and she decided that Vernier should be the final resting place for both of them?

Web sites like your's are very valuable places for information storage about people and I offer my findings simply as additional information. Maybe somebody else out there can help solve the mystery of the two grave sites and why the site in Vernier, Switzerland.

Steve Rowland

Massachusetts, USA

Dear Steve,

Thank you for your interesting E-Mail, but Count Felix Graf Luckner who died in 1966 is definitely buried in the huge park Cemetery at Ohlsdorfer in Hamburg. Its address is: Fuhlsbuttler Str 756 Hamburg 22337. His Burial plot is: AB 13, 89-90. and here is his record from that cemetery which opened on the 1st. of July in 1877, and covers some 400 hectares, being the largest park cemetery world wide. Something like 5,800 burials take place here each year, and their records say 1.4 million burials have been made since it first opened.

Luckner, Felix Graf    b. 1881  d. 1966
Ohlsdorfer Cemetery, Hamburg, Germany
Plot: AB 13, 89-90

I have no idea what grave you found in Vernier in Switzerland, it may be some other branch of the von Luckner family, Felix did marry twice. His first wife was Petra ( nee Schulz ) and in 1913 they had a daughter Inga Marie whose married name was Knaak. The Count's second wife was Countess Ingeborge, I think a Swedish lady, and they did not have any children, no doubt why the Count was living at Malmo in Sweden when he died.

But to reiterate, I am certain that the Sea Devil is buried in the Ohlsdorfer Cemetery in Hamburg Germany.

Again, my thanks for your interest.

Mackenzie. Gregory.

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