Father may have been in the Montevideo Maru

(See "the Montvideo Maru is to be dived on.in February 2005," "Sinking of Montevideo Maru" and search for "Montevideo Maru")

Could you give me more information about the planned dive to find Montevideo Maru off Luzon. I have written a book about the Japanese invasion of New Britain and it is about to be published. My father was suposedly on the ship. My information is that it is so deep there would not be any bones left. I believe there was a ship but the question is 'who was on it'?

Gillian Nikakis.


I only had some information that a dive was planned on the Montevideo Maru in February next.

I have been unable to ascertain who plans to dive and when, or even the exact location of her wreck.

Like you I believe the wreck lies in very deep water.

Sorrry I cannot be specific.

Mac. Gregory.

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