Dive on the Montvideo Maru

Hi Mac , what a hell of a site ...i've been an exponent of it for ages now . Thought that you of all people would love a real 'scoop' as they say in the rags . The MONTEVIDEO MARU , God knows the theories that surround her sinking off Luzon in 42 , well her time has come . There will be a full on dive this February to her resting place 7nm off nth Luzon . Perhaps we can put many souls and a few old ghosts to rest then .

Very best regards,
John Samuels

Hello John,

Thank you for your interesting message and your nice comments.

Ahoy is the joint effort of my Web Master Terry Kearns in Atlanta Georgia, he translates all my writing into what is seen on the site.

I must watch for details of the dive next year on the Montevideo Maru, and would appreciate any further news you may come across.

I am grateful to you for taking the trouble to write.

Best regards,
Mac. Gregory.


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