Captain Walter John Manley

Dear Sir,

My name is Caron Sullivan (nee Manley). of Cardiff, South Wales, Great Britian

I was interested to read your web site last night about missing vessels in World War 2.  My Grandfather Mr Frederick Manley (aka Mick) lost a brother at sea in 1943 and his name was Walter John Manley and the captain of the Lorient Ship. I was suprised to see that on the 22nd August 2006 a lady by the name of Kathryn Manley was asking for any information about her great grandfather (Walter John Manley),  Obviously we are related and finally after many years of looking for some answers myself I have found somebody with the same intrest. My Grandfather has sadly passed away and all he wanted was to find out what happenend to his brother. I do have a little more information that Kathryn does not have.

I am really hoping that you still have Kathryn's E-mail address, so would it be possible for you to e-mail her and give her my details for her to contact me direct or maybe you could give me her e-mail address. I would be eternally grateful. If you do not have her E-mail address anymore please could you confirm this and I will find another way to contact her, how i dont know where there's a will there's a way!!.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Thankfully
Caron Sullivan (nee Manley)


Nice to hear from you, I have asked Kathryn if I may pass on her address to you, and will be in touch.


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