Captain Walter John Manley, who was the captain of the Lorient on May 4, 1943, lost in in Convoy ONS 5

dear sir
my name is kathryn manley i am the great grand daughther of captain walter john manley, who was the captain of the lorient on may 4 1943 and i also know he was in convoy ons 5. i am trying to get some more information on the convoy and what might of happened to him i was told he might of been sunk by u 125 is this true . my father was told when he was a boy that my great grand father disappeared without a trace there was no explosion or cries for help , if u can help me in any way possible i would be very grateful. 
thank you
mrs k manley

Here is the story of Convoy ONS 5, I wrote for my AHOY site, scroll down to First U Boat Success, and you will find a paragraph about SS Lorient. "The Battle For Convoy ONS 5. 26th.April - 6th. May 1943"

She simply just disappeared, no sign of any of her crew at all.

U-125 was herself sunk later in this battle to lose all her crew of 56.

I hope this helps in a small way, and am sorry your Great Great Grandfather, Cpatain Walter Manly did not survive.

This Convoy ONS 5 battle, was the defining one in the Battle of the Atlantic, the U-Boats lost 7 boats, and Admiral Donitz withdrew his U-Boats from the North Atlantic as a result of his losses.
Best regards. 
Mackenzie Gregory.

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