Whither Australia in 2011 and Beyond?

Given a hung Parliament at the national level in Australia right now, where is it taking us?

Julia Gillard, the current Labour Prime Minister seems incapable of taking hard decisions or having any grand view for our future. Having appointed Kevin Rudd as our Foreign Minister she now stands in his shadow, as he struts the world having a great time, all that lovely travel and meeting with world leaders with whom he pontificates, offers advice, and no real responsibilities.

Seems to me he has achieved what he likes, plenty of photo opportunities, be in the limelight, all without the cares of office that prevail when one is Prime Minister. He holds our PM in thrall.

Even the Wiki leaks are shrugged aside by him, as "Water off a Duck's Back," whilst Julia Gillard takes a hard line with its perpetrator, and as an Australian citizen denies him the backing of the government that every Australian is entitled to expect when in trouble overseas.

Will the hung parliament run for its elected period? Or will the Coalition presided over by Tony Abbot finally force a new election?

Should that come about, will the people re endorse the Labour Party or would the Coalition prevail?

Whatever that result may turn out to be, it seems to me that no party has the foresight of the Big Picture for our country, where are the Snowy Mountain like schemes? Where is the infrastructure so needed for today's living? Where are the improvements to our Ports, so vital to move our exports to a demanding China, India etc?

When will we act positively on Climate Change, and put a price on carbon? The longer we wait to act on the latter the more expensive it is likely to turn out.

On the matter of Climate Change, a small country, population wise, that is Australia, can achieve little on its own, whilst the United States, China and India all sit on their hands, going it alone will world wide have a minimal impact.

We seem in Australia as far as politics are concerned to be marking time, instead of seizing the hour and having some vision for our future, we find our Prime Minister always wanting to appoint a new Committee to recommend a course of action, rather than grabbing the nettle, making decisions and implementing them. The cost of living for
our average family is escalating, e.g. the rising prices of electricity, gas, and water. It is likely to get even worse.

In Victoria we have recently seen the Labour Government of some 11 years tossed aside, and the Coalition given an opportunity to change the political landscape, this could obviously repeat itself at the Federal level,

We elect Governments to GOVERN, (especially in Canberra) and expect our elected representatives to get on with it, not to take the easy way out, collect their pay, travel across the world to attend this or that meeting.

Stay home, act, and have an impact.

It is TIME for policies to be unveiled, brought forward into action in the Parliament with suitable legislation, if such responses are not forthcoming, move over, get out, and let the Coalition have its turn to make this nation worthy of its place in our modern world.

Right now we are in limbo and t'is time to change, take China for example, it is a country in perpetual change, its economy now second in the world only to the United States, China exports to the world, and takes all the iron ore and coal Australia can sell it.

Let us benefit from our special role of raw material supplier, build our nation, have some foresight in our political world, wake up and improve the lot of all Australians.


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