U-Boat U-482, Success, then lost with all hands

This Type VII boat was commissioned on the 1st. of December 1943. Under the command of Kapitan Leutnant Hartmut Graf von Matuschka aged 29, U-482 carried out two patrols, having sailed on the 14th. of August 1944, this U-Boat commander from the 30th. of August to the 8th. of September carried out the most productive patrol of any Type VII boat in 1944.

From three separate convoys he accounted for 5 ships totaling 32,671 tons. The British Empire Heritage of 15,702 tons, loaded with Sherman tanks destined for the European front, they lay strewn across the seabed off Donegal Ireland, the wreck having been dived upon at a depth of just over 60 metres, and some dramatic underwater photographs of these tanks still intact at this distance from WW2, have been taken by Leigh Bishop in 2002.

Empire Heritage

Empire Heritage

The rescue ship Pinto of 1,300 tons.
Then the American Tanker Jacksonville of 10,400 tons and the Norwegian freighter Fiordheim of 4,100 tons were sunk, finally the British Corvette Hurst Castle became a victim.

Tanker Jacksonville

Tanker Jacksonville

On a second patrol to the North Channel which commenced on the 18th. of November, it was not until the following January, that the British Jeep Carrier Thane, ferrying aircraft from Northern Ireland was badly damaged. She was towed to safety, but was never repaired and saw out the war being laid up. The 7,400 ton Norwegian tanker Spinanger was also damaged by U-482.

It was subsequently reported, that on the following day, the 16th. of January 1945, ships of the British 22nd. Escort Group made up of Peacock, Hart, Starling, Lock Craggie and Amethyest hunted down U-482, to destroy her with all hands.

A more recent assessment.
The British Admiralty, in a more recent assessment about the destruction of U-482, have now stated that the cause of her loss is unknown. But the most probable cause is: She sank with all hands after striking a mine.

Thus the actual cause of U-482's demise is unlikely to ever be uncovered, as she became yet another victim in the long running saga of The Battle of The Atlantic.

When she is reported to have damaged the two ships on January 15 1945, she was already lost, U-1172 is now given the credit for damaging the two ships, formerly given to U-482.

See Rush Webb's letter for more information..


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