Survivors from Athenia picked up by the City of Flint, to be transported to Halifax

This list from the Times of London archives indicates that the majority of these survivors rescued from the Athenia which was torpedoed by German U-Boat U-30, on Sunday the 3rd. of September 1939, were Americans.

Margaret Florence Heap, from Brantford Ontario, Canada pick up by City of Flint

Gun Anderson

William Aitken

Louis Burns, Mary Burns

Betsy Brown, William Brown

Ada Brown

Anne Baker

Ethel Battye

Sarah Bloom, Olive Bloom

Alice Birchel

Margaret Brown

Francis Bannard

Violet Black

Charles Bowen

Constance Bridges

Moritz Blanstein

Donald Balmain

Mabel Carroll

Rose Churchill

Jessie Clark

Jean Craik

George Calder, Margaret Calder

James Coullie, Mae Coullie

Eva Cain

Alexander Craig

Mary Curran

Mianne Dexteer

William Diller, Margaret Diller

Mrs P. Dolling

Mrs Florence Dery

Garder Dow, Maud Dow

Ernest Dowling

James de Vito

Montgomery Evans

Alice Etherington, Harold Etherington

Alyn Edwards, Gertrude Edwards

Alexandra Elephant, Helena Elephant

Dorothy Fonts

Jack Fairweather

Thomas Fielder

Patrick Farrell

Jessie Forte

Charles Foster

Lilian Gilstrap, Cosby Gilstrap

Jessie Graham

Herbert Wasserman or Hesserman

Mary Hodges

John Harju

Rosa Hochhauser

James Jack, Elanor Jack

James Jassie

Thomasina Keeting, Thomas Keeting

Jessie Knowles

Lily Kirkham

Alida Kirkpatrick

Marion Kurilec

Helen Kember

Nicola Lubitsch

Mary Lewis

John Loudon, Sara Loudon, Kenneth Loudon, Marion Loudon, Mary Loudon

Adolf Leocha

Ernst Lauscha

Elsa Meyer

Arthur Mikleson

Mary Mc Kellar

Michael Mc Shane

Alan Macfarlane, Rae Macfarlane

Margaret McQuire, Katchyrn McQuire

Janet Olsen

Alice Pocklington

John Pringle, Lottie Pringle

Gustav Peterson

Charles Prince

William Pritchard

Rebecca Park

Harriet Roney

Margaret Rooke

Mrs Wendell Sberk

Lena Stronhmayer

Henry Smith, Jeanette Smith

Caroline Stewart

Cathleen Schurs

Maud Shearer

Agnes Stuprel

Lulu Sneigard

James Scullion

Jean Sharp, Mary Sharp

Florence Stredder

Ben Shepherd

Rhoda Thomas

Henry Trehdarne, Ella Trehdarne

Mary Underwood

Michel Waldhorn, Sophia Waldhorn

Rosa Youcia


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