Photo exhibit - Coral Sea

Today my photo copy shop is having trouble with their color copier.  They are sending out the article to get it decently copied, and I should E-Mail it tomorrow.

I am to talk on a local radio breakfast show at 6.30 AM tomorrow morning. The Canberra, Shropshire, and Bell stories have all raised some interest, so, I am hopeful of getting publicity for our Photo exhibit.

At 2 PM today, I was up at the exhibition site, which having been set up this morning is closed until the formal opening this evening at 7.30 PM.

A man and his wife were trying to gain entry to view it all, I told them it was not available to the public until tomorrow or Wednesday between 10 AM and 9 PM.

By sheer coincidence, Peter & Jane Wight turned out to be the son and daughter in law of Lieutenant Commander E J Wight who was my Principle Control Officer on the bridge of Canberra when Savo commenced almost 60 years ago, just amazing. They had read the article yesterday, and were looking for me as well as trying to see the photos. I have a silent phone Number, and they could not find it of course.

Really just incredible, Peter's Dad is long dead at this stage, but he was anxious to talk about it all, and I enjoyed the time with them both. He is going to call, so that he can get the Web Log address, the Canberra, Shropshire and Bell stories have raised a lot of interest in the community.

So Terry, you see that all your work for me has reached out to touch a lot of people out there in the big wide wonderful world.

The paper article was also published in a Queensland paper, and friends of my daughter up in that State rang to say they had read it. I have had an interstate phone call from an old shipmate with whom I served in WW2, plus local calls and E-Mail messages from old Navy mates or friends. I am overwhelmed.

More than enough from me.

Be in touch tomorrow.


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