Peter Thompson's new book: Anzac Fury

Acclaimed author Peter Thompson has just published his new book ANZAC FURY.

In his acknowledgements he graciously notes : " In all naval matters, I have consulted Lieutenant-Commander Mackenzie Gregory, RAN (retired) and am most grateful for his guidance."

At page 40 I am quoted thus: " I cannot recall anyone having a bad word to say about Hec Waller - he was admired throughout the RAN " says Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie Gregory, who started at the naval college in 1936 when Waller was commander there. " I well remember his sense of humour and quiet efficiency."

" Collins and Waller had been at Osborne House at the same time-Collins was senior by one year-but they would not
have been personal friends at that time " Mac Gregory says. " They certainly would not have gone ashore together- you kept strictly to your own year and anyone senior to you was treated with great deference."

Peter Thompson's new book: Anzac Fury


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