Our Language

In this wonderful language of ours known as English, there are a number of individual words that have the capacity to carry opposite or different meanings. eg cleave, it can mean to cast asunder or to adhere, like wise bore, can mean make a hole in, or alternately, drill a well for oil, be tiresome, dull, send their listener off to sleep, and again, the hollow in the barrel of a rifle or shotgun. It may also have the meaning of a tidal wave with a steep front moving into or across a bay. Tough if English is not your first language, and you are trying to grasp it all.

Now if I say Renter to you, what do you take it to mean? Of course you may think I am talking about somesome who has just paid out money to rent and live in a new Town House, but, I could be meaning the person who owns the Town House and being the Renter has accepted money, so that some one may live there as long as payments for its use are maintained.

Many and varied can be the meanings of our everyday use of some words.

So, will our readers please share with Terry and myself some of the contranyms that are your favourites? and we will publish a list on AHOY.

We await your contribution!!


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