Mac Gregory, recipient of Shrine of Remembrance Medal for 2010

The Shrine of Remembrance Medal recognizes an individual or group that has made outstanding contributions to the advancement of community knowledge and understanding of the service and sacrifices made by Victorians for their country in times of war and peacekeeping.

The Shrine of Remembrance Medal 2010
The Shrine of Remembrance Medal

Award Objectives

  • promote the value and importance of remembering veteran's service and sacrifice
  • recognise achievements and accomplishments in the area
  • support the Shrine's work as the pre-eminent agency in Victoria in promoting the community education of Veteran's service and sacrifice

A nominee can be an individual or a group, and should demonstrate innovative and inspiring contributions to the field of community education about the service and sacrifice of Australian
men and women in one or more of the following areas:

  • Research and/ or publications --for example books or research papers published during the preceding 12 months;
  • Teaching and learning --for example developing new programs or outreach initiatives;
  • Commemorative activities --for example developing new and innovative forms of commemoration and/or sustained service to existing activities;
  • Community engagement --for example engaging new and existing audiences, promoting life-long learning, increasing access and participation, or
  • Service to the Shrine of Remembrance --for example voluntary contribution to the work of the Shrine

The above list is not intended to be an exhaustive.

On the evening of Wednesday November 10, 2010, I was amongst the five selected finalists, and at 10.30 PM was declared the winner for this year.

I was completely overwhelmed to be accorded this honour. 

From Program of Events.

Mac. Gregory.

Entering the Royal Australian Naval College in 1936 as a 13 year old Cadet Midshipman. Lieutenant Commander Mac. Gregory RAN. Retired, spent all of the Second World War at sea. Following his service career he has maintained an active awareness of Naval matters. Today his main objective continues to be the promotion, education, and preservation of Australia's Naval Heritage.

He is a frequent speaker at Rotary Clubs, RSL Branches, Charity Organisations, schools, and also the Shrine of Remembrance. Mac was instrumental in creating an internationally recognised web site
dedicated to Naval Heritage (Ahoy Mac's Web Log, URL: and he also founded The Naval Heritage Foundation of Australia Inc.

Mac Gregory recipient of Shrine of Remembrance Medal for 2010.

Finalists for award of Shrine of Remembrance Medal for 2010.

Finalists for award of Shrine of Remembrance Medal for 2010
From Left to right. Representative from Morwell RSL Military Education Unit, Neil Smith, Second representartive from Morwell RSL Military Education Unit, Mac.Gregory, Robin Mawson, and Fiona Jamieson.


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