Lost HMAS Sydney again in the news.

Last weekend, the 15-16th. of November 2003, our National newspaper the Weekend Australian, carried an article about a new initiative to find the wreck of the light Royal Australian Cruiser HMAS Sydney, sunk in the Indian Ocean on the 19th, of November 1941, after a brawl with the German Armed Raider Kormoran.

The HMAS Sydney Search Foundation hopes to search for the wreck in a 100 square kilometer area, but firstly they will need to raise some $3.5 million. The six Directors of the Foundation plus their patrons whom include some notable Australians, historian Geoffrey Blainey, former Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fisher, and retired Naval Rear Admiral David Holthouse, all will have a huge task ahead of them appealing to both corporations and individuals for this large sum of money.

Talks have already been held with US marine geologist David Meares, and an informal group of about 15 volunteers specialising in areas such as deep sea searches, the operation of remote vehicles, mineral exploration, and risk assessment.

The Foundation's CEO, Bob Trotter, whose other hat is President of The Naval Association of Australia , says "There has been no other systematic, organised search of the most probable area undertaken to date."

It is hoped that next year, the first realistic search for this ship could begin in deep water, 120 nautical miles off the West Australian coast near Cape Inscription. The Kormoran may be found first and could be lying nearby. If located, the ships will be regarded as war graves and protected from interference by Australian law.

One can but hope this attempt to unravel the 62 year old mystery about Sydney's disappearance, will prove successful.


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