List of 93 Passengers killed when Athenia was torpedoed by German U-30, on Sunday the 3rd. of September 1939

This list was published by the London Times, these 93 passengers include 50 British citizens, 30 from the United States, 7 Polish, and 4 Germans. When the 19 crew members who died are included, some 112 make up the lists of those who were killed.

Here are the passenger names:

William Allan. British. last abode Northfield, Queen Street.

Alica Georgina Allan. 51, domestic, British. West Croydon.

Harriett Barrington. 52, housewife, British. Sandfield Road, Gateacre, Liverpool.

John Bernard. 23, student, US.

Peter Birchall. 49, librarian, US. Hawberry Street, Bedford.

Nancy Bishop. 36, housewife, British. care of T. Eaton Company, Regent Street, London.

Frederick Blair. 60, musician, British. born Chatham ( Ont ) Savoy Court Hotel, Portman Square, London.

Herbert Brown. 79, retired, US. born Birmingham, England, Fairview Road, Dartmouth.

Henry Braunschnei. 33, lawyer, German. care of Cunard White Star, Liverpool.

Elizabeth Brookes. 60, widow, British. care of Scott, Highholm Street, Port Glasgow.

William Brown. 60, teacher, US. born Scotland. care of Mc Morland, Belmont, Barrhill Road, Gourock.

Sarah Burdett. 51, housewife, US. Broughton Astley. By Leicester.

Helen Burrows. 50, housewife, British. care of Coleman. York Lodge, Antrim.

E. Campbell., 37, teacher, US. Ederson Road, Peebles.

Helen Chalmers. 46, table maid, British. Restrafig Circus, Edinburgh.

Isabella Chalmers. 51, nurse, British. Edinburgh, same address.

Ina May Duncan. 30, nurse, British. care of Davidson. Craighall Terrace, Edinburgh.

Hildegard Ehrlich. 16, German. Woodgrange Drive, Thorpe Bay.

Arthur Fisher. 16, US. care R. Handcock. Tunbridge Wells.

Mrs A. B. Fletcher. British. Kildare Terrace, Bayswater, London.

Helen Flowers. 45, housewife, British. Cromer Villas Road, Wandsworth, London.

Alexandrina Forbes. 52, housewife, British. last addressFrederick street, Aberdeen.

Murial Fraser. 54, secretary, British. Cockspur Street, London.

Anna Gach. 13, schoolgirl, Polish.

Cora Gilroy. 41, housewife, US. Lockend Road, Leith.

John Gilroy. 7, US. born Detroit ( Mich ) same address.

Martha Goddard. 52, housewife, British. Oldham Road, Manchester.

Sarah Goodman. 31, secretary, British. Northfield Road, London N.

Nellie Graham. 34, housewife, British. Collier Street, Carnoustie.

George Graham. 2.5, same address.

Helen Hannah, 32, housewife, US. Berebriggs, Strathhaven.

Sara B. Harper. 66, housewife, Belfast.

Robert Harper. husband. last address Willowholme Drive, Belfast.

Ellen Harrington. 63, housewife, US. care of Cunard White Star, Limited. Liverpool.

Robert Harris. 21, US. last address York Buildings. Adelphi, London.

James Haslet. 41, butler, British. Grantown-on-Spey. Morayshire.

Margaret Haslet. 38, housemaid, British. same address.

Albert Hart. 60, accountant, British. care of Miss A. Hart University Avenue, Belfast.

Margaret Hayworth. 9, schoolgirl, British. ( born Hamilton Ontario ) Primrose Drive, Aberdeen.

Margaret Hogg, 52, housewife, British. care of Tough, Dundee Terrace, Edinburgh.

Mary Hodge, 49, widow, British. c/o Thos Cook and Son, Glasgow.

Jean Gwen Holmes. 6, schoolgirl, British. ( born Winnipeg ) Javerkip Street, Greenock.

Ellen Howland. 65, US. care of Raymond Whitcombe and Co, London SW.

Dorothy Hutchings. 39, teacher, British. Peel Street, Glasgow.

George Innes. 41, advertising executive, British. care of Stewart, Glenmackic Terrace, Dundee.

Maltilda Jacobs. 24, housewife, British. English Street, Shieldmuir, Wishaw.

Emily James. 38, British. care of E. Pullen, Preston Park Avenue, Brighton.

Lottie Kunstlicher. interpreter, German. Great Russell Street, London.

Eudokia Kucharczuk. 40, housewife, Polish.

Aleksandra Kuckarczuk. 8, Polish.

Jakeb Kuckarczuk. 2, Polish.

Stefan Kuckarczuk. 15, Polish.

Margaret Lennon. 57, housewife, British. Newall Terrace, Dumfries.

Catherine Leslie. 69, widow, British. care of Preshaw, Chancellor Street, Glasgow.

Artur Lourie. 35, merchant, Polish. care of Regent Street, London.

Edith Lustig. 27, housewife, German. care of Great Russell Street, London.

Charles Mailer. 69, British. Wilson Street, Craigie, Perth.

Lucy Marston. 63, housewife, British. Ely View, Haughton Road, St Ives.

Thornton Mustard. 47, British. Dudley Arms Hotel, Dudley.

Sophie McDonald. 78, British. care of Dawson, Sankey Street, Warrington.

Bridget McErlern. 38, domestic, US. Moneystaghan, Portglenone. Co Antrim.

Agnus McFarlane. 43, housewife, British. Curwood Street, Greenock.

Gladys McFarlane. 3, British. ( born Verdun P.Q. ) same address.

Ray McFarlane. 19, student, US. care of McFarlane Cathkin Avenue, Rutherglen.

Margaret McGorty. 7, US. Milltown Birches, Portadown, Co Armagh.

Jean C. McNeish. 69, widow, British. 60 Glebe Road, Letchworth, Herts, or Clochview Kirn.

Alexander Nicol. 40, receiving clerk, US. Easter Drylaw View, Edinburgh.

Edith Nicol. 33, housewife, US. same address.

Marion Nicol. 9, US ( born Lawrence, Mass. ) same address.

Alexander Park. 49, US. care of Mcaleer, Omagh, Co, Tyrone.

Annie Quine. 57, housewife, US. Marsh Lane, Halsall.

Nancy Redgers. 16, British. Tredegar Street, Risca, Mon.

Gertrude Reed, 58, US. care of Stewart, Stubbs Road, Chertsey.

Alice Robinson. 44, housewife, US. care of Mr. Home Little King Street, Edinburgh.

Mary Scott. 31, housekeeper, British, care of Mr. J. Scott, James St, Glasgow.

Jessie Sharp, 45, housewife, British. care of Williamson Limited, Frederick Street, Edinburgh.

Fejga Spring. 32, Polish.

Emma Steele. 49, librarian, British, care of Canada House, London.

Anna Stewart. British.

F. Stotland. 13, and Rebecca Stotland. 7, Stateless.

Fred Tinney. 30, US. care of Robinson, Graham Street, Johnstone.

Madeline Tinney. 27, housewife, US. same address.

Hariet Tolley. 74, British. Tyran Avenue, Liancily.

Harry Truss. 54, British. Fleet, Holbeach Lines.

Ethel Truss, 52, housewife, British. same address.

A.H. Vincent.7, British. care of ThomasCook and Son, Newcastle.

Sara Warrenkeich. 39, cook, US. ( born Vienna ) care of Kingsley, Miens Road, Blackburn.

Anne Waterman. 52, British. care of C.W. S. Limited, London. S.W.1.

Fred Weir. 61, British. care of Watson, Lockend Road, Leith.

Matilda Wilkes, housewife, US. care of American Express Company, Glasgow.

Jonathan Wilkes, 8, US, same address.

David Wright. 63, laundry manager, US. Killshannagh,Co, Tyrone.

Jessie Young. British. Wilson Street, Craigie, Perth.


1. I am indebted to Martin Elligett, for finding the lists of the passengers who died in the Athenia tragedy, and those saved and landed at Galway, and Halifax, these lists emanted from the London Times Archives. We are only missing the list of survivors who were picked up by the British Destroyers, Electra and Escort, to land them at Gourock on the Clyde. Martin is late of Queensland, but he has recently taken his family off to England for some time there. Martin's Dad was a bugler in HMAS Canberra, and served with me in that cruiser, to be sunk at the Battle of Savo Island on the 9th. of August 1942.

2. In the Nationality list of passengers from Athenia, 77 Poles are mentioned, one wonders if they were fleeing from the anticipated Nazi noose soon to be pulled tight upon Polish Jewry.

3. No doubt the sterile black print of this list of passengers who died when Athenia was torpedoed, masks a number of poignant stories, eg

( a ) the Polish family of a mother and her three children, did the father stay behind hoping his family would make it to Canada? Was he planning to join them all later?

( b ) What was the story behind the two Stateless children?

( c ) A number of widows were on board, were they hoping to again find romance in the North Americas?

( d )The Haslets, a British butler and his wife, listed as a housemaid, where were they off to? to perhaps serve either a US or Canadian family?

( e ) 4 Germans were to die at the hands of their own countrymen.

But I do digress.


Nationalies of the 1,104 passengers in the Liner Athenia,torpedoed by German U-Boat U-30, on the day World War 2 was declared, Sunday the 3rd. of September 1939.

Country of Nationality.                      Number of citizens.


British.                                                            638

USA.                                                                316

German.                                                           28

Austrian.                                                          6

Czeck.                                                               23

Danzig.                                                              5

Belgian.                                                            1

Polish.                                                               77

Finnish.                                                            5

Latvian.                                                            2

Greek.                                                               1

French.                                                            1

Italian.                                                              1

Total.                                                                1,014.


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