Book review. Lucky Lady by Steve Jackson

Steve Jackson's Lucky Lady evoked memories of my service as a Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Navy in the Pacific War. The shock and terror of the Kamikaze attack, the flash and thunder of the bombardments prior to the Marines landing, the dull daily grind all the way to Tokyo. Anyone who has ever stood a watch at sea, or wants to live with the Sailors through the agony of USS Franklin and the saga of USS Santa Fe, will enjoy this book, and revel in Jackson's tight descriptions of those at sea, and those at home waiting, waiting.


Dear Mac,

Of all the reviews the book has had--this is my favorite. Knowing that you know of which you speak ... that you were there and can recommend my book makes me extremely proud and thankful. The Battle of Savo Island, will be as good if not better.

Would you mind if I put the link to your site on my website links page?

Again, thanks so much, this really made my day. Have a grand Christmas and New Years ... All the best, Steve Jackson


I am pleased you liked the review of Lucky Lady, and by all means link to our web site on your own site.

Trust you will have a great 2004.



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