Athenia Manuscript authored by Judith Evelyn

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Some months ago I had an E-Mail from Cynthia, a new correspondent from the United States, telling me that some years earlier she lived in Atlanta Georgia, and had occasion to attend an Estate Auction, and one item for sale was a 30 plus page typed document that was written by the late actress Judith Evelyn, who had a part in the movie Rear Window, and she had also appeared in a number of other films. Cynthia bought this historic record.

Judith's Manuscript ( tied up with ribbon ) covered her sailing, being sunk, and rescued from the liner Athenia, in the first casualty of the WW2 U-Boat war in the Atlantic. The ship was sunk by U-30 on Sunday the 3rd.of September 1939 the very first day that WW2 had been declared.

93 passengers and 19 crew members died.

Cynthia had come across our AHOY. Mac's Web Site, seen the number of references to this tragedy on our Athenia Pages, and graciously offered to share  
her purchase. In due course a copy was made and mailed to my Web Master, Terry Kearns, who just happens to live in Atlanta Georgia.

Terry has now put this Athenia Manuscript up on AHOY, so that hopefully many of our visitors may read, and enjoy this unique record of an event that happened now 67 years ago.

Cynthia, we wish to record our grateful thanks for your kindness, and the trouble you have been to, so that we may all share Judith Evelyn's work.

If you like to contact Cynthia about the manuscript,  contact her here:

Terry Kearns and Mackenzie Gregory.

Read the Athenia Manuscript


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