Arctic Emblem from the UK Department of Defence

Arctic Emblem from the UK Department of DefenceHave just received my Arctic Emblem from the UK Department of Defence.
This award will be quite unique in Australia, as very few of our ships ever served so far north, some in Royal Navy ships on the Russian run would qualify, as would any Australians who were serving in Merchant Ships on Russian Convoys.

The design concept of the Arctic Emblem was agreed with Arctic veterans’ representatives. It is a small metal star, mainly enamelled white, with a red dot in the centre and above it a scroll with the words “The Arctic” in gold letters. The star represents the Polar Star, the white colouring symbolises ice and the red centre represents the field of the flags of the USSR and Norway. The emblem can be pinned onto the ribbon of either the Atlantic Star or the 1939-45 Star.

To qualify one needed to be in the Arctic Circle ie above 66 degrees 30 minutes North for at least a day in WW2.

As an 18 year old Midshipman in HMAS Australia in August 1940, in company with HMS Norfolk we went off to Bear Island which is located at 74 degrees 30 minutes North, in an operation against the enemy Fishing Fleet, reported to be giving out information on our Russian Convoys whereabouts. In the event when we arrived there was no sign of any fishing craft.

Arctic Emblem Citation from the UK Department of Defence


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