A cold morning watch with Bob Loder, HMAS Shropshire, 1946

Recently I was speaking at the AKA The Heroes Club about the US Great White Fleet and its visit to Melboune in 1908.

One of my former shipmates in HMAS Shropshire, Sub Lieutenant Bob Loder who was unable to attend sent this photograph of both of us to the convenor of the Luncheon.

We had just finished a very cold Morning Watch ( 4 AM to 8 AM ) on the ship's bridge, I as Officer of The Watch, and Bob as my second OOW, he was still to qualify for his Watch Keeping Ticket.

left - Sub Lieutenant Bob Loder
right - Mac

The photo was taken by Ross Adey, one of our doctors on board, he went on become Professor of Anatomy and Physiology at UCLA in Los Angeles.

Shropshire was in the Indian Ocean on our way to England via Capetown with the Australian Victory Contingent on board, it included both men and women from the three services, Navy, Army and Airforce.

It would have been in May of 1946.

I have never before seen this particular photograph, now 63 years on I view it for the first time.

We have put it up on AHOY for old times sake.



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