A Royal Forgery Aboard HMAS Vengeance

Post war I served in the Tribal destroyers Warramunga and Bataan, and the Aircraft Carrier Vengeance. She was our Flagship and escort around Australia for the Queen on her 1954 tour.

I was the stand by Officer of the Royal Guard for that visit, and we performed in all our cities. On one occasion, when inspecting us, she commented "What again?"

She presented our Admiral, and my immediate boss, as I was the Fleet Torpedo Anti-Submarine Officer on his staff, with a signed photograph of herself. We built a large pantograph, traced her signature out on the flight deck, greatly enlarged. We then stood our sailors on this and sent up the chopper to photograph the result. It came out superbly, with all the white caps tracing a huge Elizabeth.

A large print was delivered to Her Majesty in the Royal Yacht Gothic, on the end of a line from our helicopter. Her response "Thank you for a fine Royal Forgery."



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