A Night to Remember by John B. Manbeck

A few weeks ago, I gave a talk on "The Neighborhoods of Brooklyn" to The University Club of Long Island.

Before the event, I was seated at a table with Barbara Rodman Wilson, who was answering questions about a
long-ago event. I became intrigued with her story, particularly when I discovered her birthday: December 13, 1914; she was born before World War I.

She piqued my interest when she said that she had spent a night in a leaky lifeboat in 1939. I looked at this woman of 96, who possessed such a sharp mind, and I remembered a Hitchcock film, Lifeboat --- a film that I later learned she refused to see --- and the opening scene of a more recent film, Titanic, in which an old woman recounts her story of  the sinking of an ocean liner.

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