A Mobile Phone

I am not subjected to the tyranny of a mobile phone, I do not carry one.

When my son Raymond upgraded his mobile he passed the older one to me, but it sits in the top drawer of my filing cabinet uncharged and blissfully silent.

I hate the use of mobiles in public especially on trams, half the passengers have a mobile glued to their ears or are madly sending or receiving text messages. They speak loudly to overcome all the other mobile users also speaking loudly, I am totally uninterested in their mundane conversations.

The tram stops, a pack of school children invade the tram, the first thing they do is to take off a bulky back pack, drop it on the floor to get in everyone’s way, then they reach for their mobile phone and proceed to text madly to someone on their Social Network via Facebook or Twitter or such like.

How any friends can you have on Facebook etc is it seems a major factor of life, but, who really cares?

When I reach my destination I can proceed in peace not having a Mobile phone that will try to control my life. What did they all do before the invention of such monsters? Does all this technology really enhance our lives?


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