100,000 Hits on Ahoy's Home Page

At 2.45 AM on Friday November 13th, AHOY Mac's Web Log passed a milestone.

I had not been able to sleep and was sitting up for a spell, I knew our web site was approaching the 100,000 th. visitor mark, and I activated my PC, went to our Home Page, just as 100,000 appeared in the Brave net statistics.

I was lucky enough to register that moment, and this record is attached.

My thanks to my Web Master Terry Kearns over in Atlanta Georgia, without his dedication we would never have reached this quite amazing figure.


From Terry:
It is my privilege to help Mac with Ahoy. Mac and I met over the Internet in the Fall of 2002. We've been working together ever since. The folks who've written Mac and contributed to Ahoy have been our reward, worth many, many times our effort.

So 100,000 home page hits is quite an achievement. But that's just the home page:

Ahoy has had more than 7,514,285 page views to the more than 2,056 pages on the site since February 12, 2003 when we started tracking.

Today, November 14, 2009, there were 6,334 page views.

Best wishes to Mac and all the Ahoy readers and contributors.

Terry Kearns
November 14, 2009


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