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G'day, Commander Gregory!

Today I picked up the photo shown in the attachments at a local flea market.  I've known over the years of the exploits of Von Luckner, but until today after searching the web and fortunately finding your site (and what a treasure-trove it is!) had no idea of the man's totality.  Therefore, I thought  perhaps you would care to authenticate the photo for me. 

It's an 8.25x12.25" framed sepia tone print, and the inscription in ink reads (I think!), "By Jove never say die!  To Gil Pattern a genuine friend and good sport from the Sea Devil Felix Count Luckner Berlin/1933."  I've included close-ups of the printer and photographer's identifications from the bottom corners of the print.  The person I purchased it from is an ex-RAF naval air crewman (Korean War) whom I've known for years and who emphatically stated that it's an original.   The only thing about it that concerns me is the perfect English of the inscription.  I can only assume that Von Luckner was an extremely well-educated and erudite gentleman who mastered several languages.

Whatever help you can give me on this, Commander Gregory, will be greatly appreciated.  Meanwhile, keep the faith and the peace (such as it is these days!), and above all ...


Capt. Don Kader, USAFR (Ret.) (WWII/Korea)


von Luckner

von Luckner inscription


von Luckner text


von Luckner photographer

Hello Don,

Thank you for your interesting E-Mail with its attachments.

The photograph you have is the same one I used on my web site, that is the famous Blue Max decoration around the Count's neck, which interestingly was never awarded again in Germany after Versailles in 1918.

Franz Langhammer was a Studio Photographer in Berlin in the thirties and I think even earlier. von Luckner certainly was a man of many talents,, and I am sure would have spoken good English. Your photo looks a genuine one to me, and seems to be quite a find to treasure.

I have attached a copy of a 1918 post card of the Count which he has signed, the flow of the signature looks the same as the inscription on your photograph.

Felix Count von Luckner certainly still at this distance in time arouses a great deal of interest, his like will I am certain never be repeated. I am pleased you enjoyed his story on our site.

I do not set myself up as an expert, but it would seem to me that you have a genuine article with von Luckner's inscription, and he did call himself the Sea Devil.

Thank you for your kind words about Ahoy, it is a joint effort, I write the text, and my friend Terry in Atlanta Georgia puts it all into shape and the net result is Mac's Web Log.

Nice to hear from you,
Best Regards from both Terry and myself.

Mackenzie Gregory.

G'Day, Mac --

Thanks for your very prompt reply to my message and for the excellent background info on von Luckner.  I've printed out your treatise on him from your site, and have that next to the picture.

I've passed the link to your site on to several collector friends to bookmark for future reference.  My best to you and Terry ...



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