von Luckner: new book and exhibition

October 24, 2010

Hi Mac!

first I need your postal adress to send you (if you  want) - our small special information brochure, - made for our "Count von Luckner - exibition" in jan.2010 on the great boat-show in DĂĽsseldorf. The brochure is written in german language with a few photos of our Luckner-stock. We still have a few of this brochure, - so if someone is interested, please let us know. We post worldwide.

During the exibition we were personally supported by a few members of the "Luckner Society Halle" - a good

For 2011 our project is a new book about the count - with spectacular photos and informations and maybe the Count von Luckner Museum can be established next year in northern Germany !

Best regards to you
Michael Buschow & Gisela Schmitz Count von Luckner Archiv

Gisela and Michael,

My thanks for your message.

I look forward to a , and please let me know when it becomes available so I can get a copy, but will it only be in German, or will an English edition be printed?

Best wishes,

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