von Luckner and Capt Isaac Stainthorp, Master of SS Horngarth

May 22, 2010

Hello Mac

I was fascinated to find your Ahoy site. My Great Grandfather was a Capt Isaac Stainthorp, Master of SS
Horngarth, of course scuttled by von Luckner. He retired from the sea after WW1, settling in his home
village of Robin Hoods Bay - just a hop away from Whitby.

I've attached a few photos that might interest you - feel free to use them. I've sent similar too to the Ct
von Luckner Society.

My grandfather (Isaac's son) often told me about the sinking. The loss of the young sailor (Douglas Page) was
something Isaac carried with him all his life I think.

I'm told that he was a very quiet and reserved man. Nevertheless, he held von Luckner in some regard - he
treated them well, and showed the prisoners great respect.

A rather humurous addition came from the publication of 'The Sea Devils'. It decribes the Horngarth as having a 'music corner' on board - including a Steinway piano. Steinway went on to contact Isaac Stainthorp for details
of the piano (they like to keep records of all their instruments!). Of course there was no piano on board - least of all a Steinway Grand. Poetic license I think!

(I attach a photo of the letter).

Well I hope these are of some small interest.
Paul Brodie.

1 Isaac Stainthorp

2 SS Horngarth

3 von Luckner's written tribute to Douglas Page

4 Douglas Page memorial

5 Douglas Page memorial

6 Certificate of SS Horngarth's sinking

7 Letter from Steinway & Co to Isaac Stainthorp. Re 'The Sea Devils'


Thank you for taking the time and trouble to E-Mail me and for the photographs.

I have had more response from across the world about the Count and his exploits than any other piece I have written on my AHOY site.


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