von Luckner...help please I am writing a monograph

Dear Mr Kearns,

I am writing a monograph about the offspring of Basseh and Wolff Moiselle one of whom was William S. Moiselle (a brother of my late Grandmother) born in Dublin in 1890. He ran away to sea and sailed merchant ships from the age of about 14. He had an an encounter with Felix von Luckner and may have been a friend after the war. I am anxious to trace the relationship. There is a story documented somewhere about the relationship but I have been unable to trace it. Can you help me?

Also there is a book in which William Moiselle (known as Ginger Moiselle) has a toe amputated at sea under the analgesia of a tot of rum. (He told me about it in 1963) I can not trace the book. Can you throw any light on this?

Very grateful for any help,

Your sincerely
Dr Beatrice Sofaer-Bennett


Terry I am so grateful to you but have had no luck. I scanned the log of articles you sent to me. I think I have to find a crew list which contains my Uncle's name. I have tried and failed with possibly the most likely merchant ship (Lundy Island). I am stuck. Stuck as an old bird in a cage. And there is no family alive who would know. Any suggestions?
Many warm wishes from sunny UK.

Recently returned from a river cruise in Holland and met on the very last day a lady from Atlanta GA. My, what an accent!

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