Wooden hammer/mallet which was used at the launching of the Athenia

S.S.Athenia. sunk 3 sept 1939

Hi Mac, I am contacting you from South Africa. My grandmother was Marion Donaldson of the Donaldson line. She was one of the owners of the company at the time of the Athenia's sinking. I have a small wooden hammer/mallet which was used at the launching of the Athenia, it has two silver hoops bearing her name, date and shipyard. I was looking for some info on the Athenia when I came upon youre website. I have contacted NMM as I feel this piece of history needs to be on display somewhere. What do you suggest?

Hope to hear from you soon,
Robert James Donaldson Gemmell.


Is it please possible to have a photo of the small wooden hammer/mallet used at Athenia's laynch? we would add it to our Athenia Pages on Ahoy.

The current building of the the new Transport Museum at Riverside Glasgow is due to open, I think in 2011,
it will include an Athenia Gallery
, it would be a very appropriate place to house your mallet, much better in my view than the NMM at Greenwich.

The Gallery Manager is Emily Malcolm, currently on maternity leave until October 2008, I am certain that Emily would love to receive your artifact, and have it to display.

I suggest you contact: Riverside Museum Project, Museum of Transport 1 Bunhouse Road, Glasgow G38DP.

Tel: 0141 287 2720, email: riverside@csglasgow.org 

Emily and I were in contact a good deal before she went off to have her baby, and I have given her some names of Athenia survivors, with whom she has been in contact. 

I will be interested to know how you fare as appropriate.

Best regards,

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