William Turner was lost in SS RamiIlles 1941 sinking by U-97

June 3, 2011

Hi Mac,

my name is Raymond Proctor husband of Judith Proctor my wife has being in touch with you about SS RamiIlles 1941 sinking by U97, her grandfather William Turner was lost on that fateful day, there where other people wanting more info about the ship I came across this picture on the web hopefully it will come on to your web page this is for J Seldon, Michael Gentil, Helen Smith, Liest Broucher, and Brian Spence.

SS Ramilles
SS Ramilles

Thanks Mac for a great web site.

Ray Proctor. 


At our URL: "Edward Spence who was a Royal Navy DEMS gunner on SS Ramilles"

Please add this picture of SS Ramilles and this Email.


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