William Thomas Snow BEM  of Li Wo


I see you have an article on Lt Thomas Wilkinson. My husbands Uncle, William Thomas Snow  BEM, was the coxswain you mention. The V.C was awarded, according to the Gazette:

Bestowed upon him posthumously in recognition of the heroism and self sacrifice displayed not only by himself, but by all those that fought and died with him.

William died that day, 14.02.1942 aged 19. I am currently writing a book about the whole story. Williams sister  (aged 87) and daughter, live in Ardath, Western Australia. William is never mentioned as it is still to upsetting for her. My husbands father died age 55.

William Thomas Snow BEM of Li Wo
William Thomas Snow BEM of Li Wo

The main reason for me writing is that The Imperial War Museum, now have on display Lt Wilkinsons V.C. It has been donated by his family, who now live in Canada, and can be viewed online in the Exhibits Collection Database. Below is a photo of William before he joined HMS Glasgow and earned his British Empire Medal aged 18, he was training as a Boy Class II at Portsmouths St Vincent Training Establishment.

Thank you for a very worthwhile site,

Yours Respectfully
Diane Snow

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at Lieutenant Thomas Wilkinson is my story about HMS Li Wo, could you please add this note from Diane Snow, and the coxswain William Thomas Snow's photo which is an attachment here?

It further rounds out and personalises this account, amazing how we often have our readers adding to some thing on AHOY.


Dear Diane,

How good to hear from you, and you have added a new dimension to the epic fight of HMS Li Wo, and we will add your mail and the photo of your late Uncle William to my piece about VC'S and Lt Thomas Wilkinson. Thanks also for your kind words about our web site.

You will note from the copy of my mail to my web master Terry Kearns in Atlanta Georgia, that I asked TK to do that.

With thanks again, and my best wishes.

Mac. Gregory.


Have you seen this report about HMS Li Wo? at this URL: http://members.dodo.net.au/~mervynw/li%20wo.htm




Here is the entry for your Uncle from the CWGC.

Best wishes,

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