William Frederick Lloyd lost on Mourne

Dear Mac,

I have just stumbled across your website after having found details of my Great Uncle William Frederick Lloyd on the Commonwealth Grave's website. My grandmother, his sister, recently died and she spent a lifetime hoping by some fluke he had survived. She died a few weeks ago, but seeing his ship and learning about William's time in the war has given my mother a bit of peace, she was also deeply moved to find that William aged 23 died on 15/06/44, my mother was born on the same day thirteen years later. My grandmother always told us that William, normally easy going and good humoured, did not want to return to his ship after his leave period as he was convinced he would never return.  She would tell us that he said a forever goodbye to her on the eve of his departure.

Many thanks

Gemma Parry-Paxton
(Wirral, England)

Thank you for your letter.

HMS Mourne was unlucky to run into German U-Boat U-767, and be sunk by a homing torpedo known as a GNAT, it had sensors in its nose that listened for propellor noises from its victim and homed on that noise.

Mourne was U-767's only kill, and she was soon sunk to have but one survivor, who I have been able to trace to Vancouvour in Canada, and Walter is amazingly still alive.

Here is a photo of HMS Mourne which came to me via Ireland from a relative of one of her crew, who also died.

HMS Mourne at dock

Best wishes,

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