When did submarines first start using radios?


You've got a great site, particularly on subs.  WOW!  Where do you find all that stuff?  I will definitely spend a lot of time checking it all out.

I am also a writer and often write on military subjects.  My specialty is radio because I am a Amateur Radio Operator and think that there is a lot of stuff on combat but not much on the signals aspect.  I have an article on the intercept system set up to tell American World War II subs where to go and find the Japanese.  If I get it sold (as in for money) I'll try to send it to you for listing if you like.

One of the facts I've been trying to research about subs is when did they first start using radios.  It would have to be before World War I because the German's had rather short distance radio in that war.  But who was first.  Marconi was working with the Brits very heavily even before he made his 1901 trans-Atlantic transmission between Cornwall and New Foundland.  Our Navy conducted fleet maneuvers with Battleships in 1903.  But the question I'd like to find out is when did wireless get into subs on the surface as well as submerged.  Do you have any thoughts on the subject that may get me started in the right direction?

Bob Sturtevant
Bandon, Oregon


Thank you for your kind comments, I spent almost 20 years as a Naval officer in the Royal Australian Navy and post WW2 qualified as a Torpedo Anti-Submarine Specialist in Royal Navy schools. So my interest and experience was in that arena, then a lot of research has resulted in the articles etc about submarines that appear on my site AHOY. This is an amalagm of my writings and the work of my good friend and web master Terry Kearns in Atlanta Georgia who turns my scriblings into the site that any one may find who surfs the web.

I am currently in Sydney with only my laptop, and most of my reference material is on my PC in my home in Melbourne.

We will be back early in August, and I will come back to you then.

Best regrards.

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