Was Mary Rushton a passenger on Athenia?

November 15, 2012

Hello there

A late friend and neighbour, an elderly lady, Miss Mary Rushton used to tell me of her being shipwrecked as Athenia was torpedoed. I have looked for passenger lists without success and wondered whether you would be able to confirm she was indeed on board.

Laurence James


Mary Rushton does not appear in the list of those killed in Athenia nor in those rescued by City of Flint or Knute Nelson.

That only leaves those picked up by the 3 Royal Navy destroyers Fame, Electra, and Escort and taken to Scotland, I have never been able to unearth that full list.

So if Mary was indeed sunk in Athenia, she must have been rescued by one of the 3 British destroyers, but I am unable to document that fact.

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