Wartime Sunderland exploits

I spent the war as a child in wartime Britain. migrating with my parents to Australia in 1951.one of my first jobs in Australia was with chromecast stereos in north Melbourne a printing plate maker. There I worked with an Australian Sunderland pilot from the RAAF. He was with another Sunderland looking for u boats when a few German dorniers found them.

The other pilot immediately made good his escape while my friend was left with his crew to defend their plane. He managed to damage several of the dorniers before they withdrew.the sunderland managed to limp home to england crashing into the sea close to a beach.

Whenever he met up with the other pilot concerned at reunions or the RSL a fist fight always ensued between the two pilots over this incident. These recollections are from memories of over 50 years ago and could be incorrect in some details. I have left out names of those concerned, to protect their families.



Thank you for sharing your experience about the Sunderland pilots with me.

I can understand the attitude of the the Pilot left holding the bag by his mate who ran off rather than fight it out with the Dorniers.

The Sunderland was a formidible aircraft, and two together would have been a much tougher foe, than just one alone.

We will add you comments to our Mail pages on Ahoy, and as you indicated the families involved are protected.

Best wishes,

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